Legal Statement


Access to this web is conditioned to the previous reading and acceptance from any user of the terms, conditions, communications, warnings and other legal notices in this clause.
Access and further use implies express, full and without reservations conformity by the user with the totality of its content.

If the user did not agree with the current net surfing General Conditions he should abandon this site, not being able to enter nor make use of the services it offers.

In the same way, he accepts in an express way and without any exception that the access and use of this web site, its services and contents takes place under his self and exclusive responsibility.
Access to this web is free and its visualization does not require any previous subscription or register.

Connections with other web sites that may exist, as well as the use the user may do of them is subjected to this General Conditions of use and to the specific conditioned eventual that the mentioned web sites require. Any use different to the authorized is specifically forbidden.

Proytecsa will be able to modify in an unilateral way and at any time we consider the configuration of this web, the conditions of the service and its content, as well as provisional or permanently delete, limit or discontinue them, and also avoid access to them trying to inform the user of the change whenever possible though a publication in the web site.

Identity of the holder of this web

Proytecsa Security S.L.
Crta. Nal. 240 Km. 134,5
Tel.: +34 - 974 431 510
NIF: B65137267

Registered in the Huesca Company Register in Volume 642 Book 0 Sheet 45 Page HU-13083 Entry 4.

Rights and dutties of the services provider

  1. As service provider, Proytecsa feels obliged to render the services offered in this web, to efficiently guarantee the secret of the communications that may exist with the user as well as to answer the complaints that eventually may occur.
  2. If maintenance, reparation, actualization or improvement operations occurred, Proytecsahas the right to provisionally and without notice discontinue the accessibility to this web, as well as to reserve the right of provision or cancellation of the services, the foregoing notwithstanding the company will try to warn the users whenever possible.
  3. The use that the users may carry out of the services and/or data and/or information given to them in this web will be carried out at the expense and risk of the user.

    Proytecsa does not guarantee, direct or indirectly, the information or the services offered, except for those guarantees that according to the applicable laws must be given or are explicitly described in an agreement between this society and the user.

    Proytecsa does not guarantee the services provided, in its case, by third parties, nor the truthfulness, reliability, precision, opportunity or convenience of the information provided for the destiny the users or any other person may do of it.

  4. The intellectual property rights of this web are held by Proytecsa. The exclusive practice of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation rights are property of the mentioned company, without prejudice of the practice of third parties of the right to date.

Rights and dutties of the user

  1. At any moment the user must carry out a lawful use of the services in this web according to the legislation in force, respecting Proytecsa intellectual property rights or third parties.

    In this sense, the user guarantees that the activities he may develop through this web are adequate to the law, the moral, the public order and the good habits and that in any case they will end up being offensive to the reputation and commercial image of Proytecsa, to other user of this web or to third parties.

  2. The user will not carry out through the services that Proytecsa has at his disposal any action that may cause damage or alterations to the contents and he will not hinder the good performance of this web, not causing any type of technical problems, not transferring elements that may have computer viruses or that may totally or partially damage, interfere or intercept this web, as well as not taking part or altering the e-mail of other users.
  3. The user is the only responsible for the truthfulness of the data that under any circumstance he may introduce, so in the case that they are false r incorrectProytecsa keeps the right to forbid him the access to this web.

Guarantees and responsibilities exclusion for the functioning of this web site and its services

  1. Proytecsa does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the functioning of this web site and its services.
    In this way, any responsibility for damages and prejudices of any nature that may derive of the lack of availability or continuity of the functioning of this web site and the utility the users may have attributed to this web are excluded.

    In any case, Proytecsa will carry out its best efforts in order to keep the availability and continuity of this web.

  2. Proytecsa has, at users disposal, the personal data privacy systems that impede access to them by third parties. Proytecsa has introduced all the technical and organizing security measures needed to guarantee the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the personal data given by the user.

    In this sense, the mentioned society is exempted of any responsibility for the damages and prejudices occasioned in the case such knowledge was produced.

  3. Although Proytecsa has implanted all those adequate measures to guarantee the security in this matter, it does not control nor guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in the contents of this web that may produce alterations in the user’s computer system (software and hardware) or in the electronic documents and files saved in his computer system.

    Proytecsa exempts from any responsibility for damages and prejudices of any nature that may be caused by the presence of viruses in the contents that may cause alterations in the computer system, electronic documents, files, etc.

  4. Proytecsa does not have the obligation to, neither controls the use that the users make of this web, its services and its contents. In particular, this society does not guarantee that the users use this web site, its services and its contents in accordance with this General Conditions and, in such a case, the Particular Conditions that turn out of the application, although they do it in a diligent and prudent way.

    This society does not have the obligation to verify, and does not verify, the identity of the users, neither the truthfulness, validity, exhaustivity and/or the authenticity of the data that they may provide about themselves to other users.

  5. The user accepts that the portal has been created and developed by Proytecsa with the best intentions with information that comes from internal and external sources and we offer it to the users in its current state, being able to contain imprecisions and misprints. Therefore, the user exonerates Proytecsa from any responsibility regarding reliability, utility or false expectation that the Portal may produce while surfing on this site.

Intellectual property

All the rights about the content in this web belong to Proytecsa except those of companies that have signed the corresponding agreement/contract for the provision of contents and they are protected by the national and international intellectual and industrial property regulations.

The design, images, register, titles, distinctive signs or logos from Proytecsa, frames, banners, the software and its different codes, sources, and objects, etc. in this web are property of Proytecsa, who legally and exclusively owns the operation rights over them.

The user that enters this web cannot copy, modify, distribute, transmit, reproduce, edit, transfer, or sell the elements previously mentioned or create new products or services derived of the information obtained without specifically mentioning their origin.

Visualization and loading are only authorized for personal use and not commercial, and it is not possible to make it extensive to third parties or entities.

In the case of graphics or designs that appear in this web, which holding belongs to Proytecsa partner companies, the same conditions will be applied, except for conflicting agreement.

It is completely forbidden to alter the content or structure of this page by the user.

Personal data protection

The personal data that the users of this web may provide become part of an automated file property of Proytecsa with the aim of being able to specifically receive in your e-mail box information concerning activities and services of this society.

Their personal data will be treated confidentially and they will not be transfer for the good of third parties Proytecsa. In any case, the user will be able to practice the opposition rights, access, rectification y cancellation in accordance with what is established by the Ley Orgánica 15/1.999, de 13 de Diciembre de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal addessing to Proytecsa domiciled in Crta. Nal. 240 Km. 134,5 Binéfar, Huesca (Spain) or contacting this society through the following e-mail address:

Hipertextuals links

Any third party will be able to establish 'framing' relation between his web pages and this one.

In the case that this web page could contain links with other portals or web sites not manager by Proytecsa, this society expresses that it does not practice any control over such portals or web sites and that it is not responsible for their content. The links this web may have will only be offered as informative references, without any type of assessment over the contents, owners, services or products offered in them.

In any case, Proytecsa is exonerated of all responsibility regarding the services given by such third parties before any complaint of any nature that may be lodged regarding them.

Nulity or inefficiency of the clauses

If any of the clauses in this net surfing and Use General Conditions of this web were declared total or partially null and void or inefficient, it will affect only such disposition or the part of it that turns out null and void or inefficient, persisting in all the rest, the rest of the general conditions and having such disposition or the part of it that turns out affected for not being written, unless for being essential to this general conditions had to totally affect them.

Appliable law and jurisdiction

This surfing and use General Conditions as well as any relation between user and Proytecsa will be applied by the Spanish legislation.

For any lawsuit derived from the existence or content in these General Conditions or from the relations between the user and Proytecsa both parts, with specific resignation to any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, are submitted to the exclusive competence and jurisdiction of the Courts in Monzón (Huesca) Spain.