This is the concept we have delivered at PROYTECSA SECURITY to communicate and consolidate our position in the market and to open up new paths. To offer new projects.

All the effort made by the team of people in PROYTECSA SECURITY, all the dreams, hours of work, and energy driving this company forward have a single goal: to create solutions and services that provide a higher level of security for people, companies and institution.

And when we think we have achieved this goal, we continue doing research, we continue advancing and making an effort to improve. This is how we work, offering the highest levels of security throughout the world.

We encourage an open innovation developing partner programmes and participating in business or regional clusters, collaborating with universities, research centres, sectoral associations, etc.

At PROYTECSA SECURITY we take sustainability very seriously; we are committed to respect the environment and always aim at the lowest consumption of resources throughout our products’ life cycle, emitting the lowest possible CO2, to bring down our carbon footprint.

We think of ourselves as a catalyser for employment and a generator of wealth in the area where our facilities are, providing secure jobs to our employees and to our collaborators and suppliers. We provide ongoing training programmes, flexible working hours and we promote equality, diversity and social inclusion.

The company has all the major quality and environmental certifications.